Supplier's Application

Step 1: Select the required ingredients and click on Sell to transfer them to the Pizzeria

Step 2: Ensure the ingredients are in stock, if not, first complete step 3 and then go back to step 1

Step 3: Select the ingredients to be created and click on Create Ingredients. This will replenish your current inventory

Step 4: Each ingredient is assinged a system generated code that is used to track its movements along the supply chain

Step 5: Go back to the Pizzeria's Application and complete the delivery of the pizza

In a real world scenario, each shipment/ SKU will be tagged with a QR code and will be represented by a unique smart contract.

This will track all interactions between the ingredient and various stakeholders in the supply chain.

Create Ingredients

Ingredient Type Quantity/ Units
Artisanal Italian Bread
Multi Grain Bread
Goat Cheese
Buffalo Mozzarella
Pesto Sauce
San Marzano Tomato Sauce

Ingredient QR Codes

Sell Ingredients

Ingredient Type Selling to In Stock Quantity/ Units
Artisanal Italian Bread 0
Multigrain Bread 0
Goat Cheese 0
Buffalo Mozzarella 0
Pesto Sauce 0
San Marzano Tomato Sauce 0

Ingredient QR Code(s)

Order History

QR Code Ingredient Type Sold To Order Status Time of Sale